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    How to Follow Up After an Interview – Guarantee the Best Chance of Success

    You sent your resume, got invited for interview, and met with the hiring manager.

    Congratulations! You’re almost there.

    But now what?

    Wait 2 days and then call to follow up after an interview.


    1. It shows that you’re proactive – Proactivity is a trait that’s hard to find. Calling shows that you’re someone who can make things happen, not the kind of person to leave things up to chance.
    2. It shows that you care – All hiring managers want to know that you care about the job you’re about to go and do. It’s important to them that they aren’t about to hire someone who’s going to quit in a month or two! Calling shows that you care enough about the job to chase it up.
    3. It gives you closure – Don’t live on “hopium”. You don’t want to have the mental baggage of not knowing the outcome of this interview weighing on you when you go into your next interview. Make sure that you’re prepared for the answer to be “no” and that, if it is, you ask why so that you can improve for your next interview.


    1. You should be agreeing a next step in all of your interviews – Are they able to give you an answer now? If not, when can you expect to hear back? If they commit to giving you feedback in 5 days then don’t call in 2 to follow up after an interview.
    2. If you can, seal the deal in the interview – If you’re convinced that you want this job, try to seal the deal in the interview itself! Ask whether the hiring manager has any reservations on you and your ability to perform the job. If they say that they don’t, then ask for the job there and then!

    Best of luck with your job search!

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